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5G and Cyber Security for Utility Operational Technology Environments: Initial Assessment and Potential Outcomes

5G is a technology platform that will have significant impacts on the cyber security policies, practices, and equipment procurement plans for utility operational technology (OT) environments. These impacts will be evident from securing grid edge devices to reducing cyber risks in core grid operations.

 A Monitoring Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Framework for Humanitarian Innovation Programmes

From the outset, an important priority of the Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation programme has been to generate evidence that would not only improve the programme, but also be useful for other organisations working to innovate in the humanitarian sector. There are few rigorous frameworks for guiding the development and assessing the impact of programmes that leverage innovative change.

Digitising payments in agricultural value chains: The revenue opportunity to 2025

This report explores the potential revenue opportunity of digitising agricultural payments for mobile money providers. Two types of payment are ripe for digitisation: B2B payments; procurement payments from agribusinesses to smallholder farmers in formal value chains and G2P payments; subsidies paid out by governments to smallholder farmers.

Haier: Optimising Manufacturing performance through 5G, Edge Computing and Machine Vision

China Mobile, Huawei and Haier have completed a proof of concept encompassing the deployment of edge computing, 5G and machine vision into Haier’s manufacturing environment. Haier is the world’s largest white goods manufacturer and a Fortune 500 company.

 Digital Finance for Energy Access in Uganda

Access to clean energy is a basic need that directly supports people’s livelihood. Yet more than 30 million Ugandans live without electricity. In the last decade, Uganda has experienced a phenomenal change in the adoption of digital finance and energy technologies.

The State of Digital Communications 2020

Fresh digital opportunity is happening, and telecom innovation is driving it. As Europe works on a new, sustainable growth model for its society and economy, this Report provides you with the latest on one of the most important  nablers of innovation and progress: digital communications. Here, in summary, our main findings.
5G is happening and fibre is making the European internet significantly faster.

The impact of mobile money on monetary and financial stability in Sub-Saharan Africa

To address this evidence gap, and provide responses to those concerns, GSMA Mobile Money and GSMA Intelligence have undertaken a study to assess the impact of mobile money on monetary and financial stability across several countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, something which – to our knowledge – has not been done previously.

State of Vulnerabilities 2018/2019 - Analysis of Events in the life of Vulnerabilities

The purpose of this report is to provide an insight on both the opportunities and limitations the vulnerability ecosystem offers. By using the vulnerabilities published during the year of 2018 and Q1-Q2 of 2019 as a vehicle.

Unlocking Data Innovation for Social License in Natural Resources

This report describes how companies can use new data tools, approaches, and techniques to generate and sustain social license in communities.