Tendencias y Estudios / Digitalización

Tracking and tracing COVID:Protecting privacy and data while using apps and biometrics.

The OECD warns that "current digital solutions for monitoring and containment have varying implications for privacy and data protection." The OECD recommends that "fully transparent and accountable privacy-preserving solutions should be embedded by design to balance the benefits and the risks associated with personal data collection, process and sharing. Data should be retained only for so long as is necessary to serve the specific purpose for which it was collected.

TIC 3.0 Interim Telework Guidance

The Trusted Internet Connections (TIC) Program Management Office has produced the TIC 3.0 Interim Telework Guidance document to support OMB Memorandum 20-19 and the surge in teleworking.

eIDAS compliant eID Solutions

This report provides an overview of the legislative framework under eIDAS for electronic identification, presents the landscape of notified and pre-notified eID schemes and identifies key trends in the electronic identification field.

LNI 4.0 Testbed Edge Configuration – Business View

The LNI 4.0 testbed Edge Configuration does not address edge computing technology in itself but focuses on the configuration based on specific requirements of SME from LNI 4.0 use cases.

Mobile Industry Response to COVID-19 in China

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruptions globally, affecting people’s lives, their health and safety, as well as severely interrupting business activities. The impacts are also felt far and wide across the mobile industry as 2020 was shaped to be a critical year for 5G’s commercial progress.

Big Tech Acquisitions: Competition and Innovation Effects & EU Merger Control

In parallel to these large operations ‘big tech’ companies also buy many successful or promising start-ups on a very large scale. For example, for the year 2017 alone, Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft spent a total of $31.6bn on acquisitions of start-ups.

Network Economics Annual Report 2020

The GSMA Future Networks programme has met with key global innovators in Energy Efficiency, Backhaul, Infrastructure sharing, AI and Automation to identify over $1bn OpEx and CapEx savings.

Realising 5G’s full potential: Setting policies for success

The path to realising the full vision of 5G requires new thinking by industry and governments. Failure to act on 5G will hold us from unlocking more than $2 trillion of economic value by 2035.

Explaining the Black Box: when law controls AI

The explainability of Artificial Intelligence algorithms, in particular Machine-Learning algorithms, has become a major concern for society. Policy-makers across the globe are starting to reply to such concern.