Tendencias y Estudios / Digitalización

 Plan de Transición a nuevas tecnologías

El documento detalla la estrategia que se implementará para modernizar las tecnologías del servicio móvil en el país conformada por diferentes etapas de análisis, con las cuales se busca beneficiar a todos los colombianos con comunicaciones de vanguardia internacional que permitan masificar los beneficios de las TIC en la sociedad y que incentiven la potencial migración hacia redes de quinta generación (5G) en el mediano y largo plazo.

Procurement Guidelines for Cybersecurity in Hospitals

As cybersecurity becomes more of a priority for hospitals, it is essential that it is integrated holistically in the different processes, components and stages influencing the healthcare ICT ecosystem.

Realizing the digital promise

The Institute of International Finance and Deloitte have joined together to explore this question and how financial institutions can realize the promise of digital transformation.

Smarter site engineering with drones and site digitalization

Speed, accuracy and safety are extremely important when it comes to 5G roll-outs. This means that the planning, design, deployment and acceptance of network sites have become even more important aspects to consider, since they can all have major long-term impacts on the project.

Standards Supporting Certification

This report explores five distinct areas, which have frameworks, schemes or standards that can potentially be evolved to EU candidate cybersecurity certification schemes. These five areas are Internet of Things (IoT), cloud infrastructure and services, threat intelligence in the financial sector, electronic health records in the healthcare and qualified trust services.

IoT Commercial Adoption Survey 2019 Results

IoT is real and adoption is growing, if slower than the hype would indicate. Just under 40% of respondents are deploying IoT solutions today and another 22% plan to start deploying IoT within the next 2 years.

Cybersecurity Skills Development in the EU

This report focuses on the status of the cybersecurity education system and the inability to attract more students in studying cybersecurity and to produce graduates with “the right cybersecurity knowledge and skills”.

Building a Resilient Industry: A new guide to help mobile network operators prepare for and respond to natural disasters

Mobile networks and connectivity have become increasingly necessary in times of crisis. They allow us to connect with loved ones, whether they are down the street or on the other side of the world. They fill not only a very human need to connect during times of hardship, but they also allow the coordination of relief efforts and access to critical information, which in extreme cases can be lifesaving.

 Modelo de Madurez de Ciudades y Territorios Inteligentes

Las ciudades son impulsoras clave del crecimiento económico, de la innovación, del progreso social, de la cultura y, por lo tanto, de la competitividad, tienen un indudable atractivo por su capacidad de ofrecer servicios básicos, de garantizar una calidad de vida y de facilitar mejores condiciones para la creatividad empresarial y el desarrollo profesional.