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Pseudonymisation techniques and best practices

This report explores further the basic notions of pseudonymisation, as well as technical solutions that can support implementation in practice. Starting from a number of pseudonymisation scenarios, the report defines first the main actors that can be involved in the process of pseudonymisation along with their possible roles.

ENISA good practices for security of Smart Cars

This report defines good practices for security of smart cars, namely connected and (semi-) autonomous vehicles, providing added-value features in order to enhance car users’ experience and improve car safety.


A full 84% of C-suite executives believe they must leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve their growth objectives. Nearly all C-suite executives view AI as an enabler of their strategic priorities.

EU Member States incident response development status report

Following the recent transposition of the NIS Directive1 (NISD) into European Member States (MS) legislation, this study aims to analyse the current operational Incident Response set-up within NISD sectors2 and identify the recent changes.

ENISA threat landscape for 5G Networks

This report draws an initial threat landscape and presents an overview of the challenges in the security of 5G networks. Its added value lays with the creation of a comprehensive 5G architecture, the identification of important assets (asset diagram), the assessment of threats affecting 5G (threat taxonomy), the identification of asset exposure (threats – assets mapping) and an initial assessment of threat agent motives.

A Proposal for a European Cybersecurity Taxonomy

The Commission made a commitment in the Communication adopted in September 2018 (COM(2018) 630 final) to launch a pilot phase under Horizon 2020 to help bring national cybersecurity centres together into a network.

Port Cybersecurity - Good practices for cybersecurity in the maritime sector

 Developed in collaboration with several EU ports, this report intends to provide a useful foundation on which CIOs and CISOs of entities involved in the port ecosystem, especially port authorities and terminal operators, can build their cybersecurity strategy.

Good Practices for Security of IoT - Secure Software Development Lifecycle

This ENISA study introduces good practices for IoT security, with a particular focus on software development guidelines for secure IoT products and services throughout their lifetime. Establishing secure development guidelines across the IoT ecosystem, is a fundamental building block for IoT security.

Best Practices For Business Travellers

This guide is at the crossroads of several issues: digital security and mobility. That’s why the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI) wished to remind with a single voice that security is a shared responsibility between individuals and organisations. To develop a culture of security in the professional field also allows to give rise or develop some reflexes among citizens.