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Consumer Guide to Electric Vehicles, April 2020 (Spanish Translation)

Electric vehicles (EVs) are fun to drive, safe, comfortable, and convenient to refuel. They also cost less to operate per mile and produce no tailpipe emissions. Electric cars are available in almost every vehicle class, from subcompact to SUV. Today’s electric cars do everything a gas car can do—and more. Drivers love the high performance, the silent, instant acceleration, and the additional technology and safety features associated with electric vehicles.

A growing network of public charging sites nationwide lets more consumers consider purchasing an electric car, though most EV drivers tend to charge at home—because it’s convenient, and it usually saves money. By replacing gasoline with domestic electricity, EVs cut fossil-fuel use and emissions, which benefits public health. Electrifying all forms of transport could reduce greenhouse gas emissions in 2050 by 57% versus 2015 levels. About 46 EV models are available new today and 127 models, including pickup trucks, are expected by 2023.